Thursday, October 28, 2010

6 months

I can't believe Princess R is 6 months already!!!  Where has the time gone?  She is practically crawling, eats solids like a pro, and you can tell she knows whats going on around her.  We had her doctor appointment yesterday, and things went well.  I really love our new doctor, he's no Hyldahl, but we're lucky to have found Van Staden.  Princess R is just under the 50th percentile for every measurement, so she's doing good.  She weighs 14 lbs 10oz, is 26inches tall (I think, can't fully remember here), and her head is 41 1/2.  Her weight went a bit down for height to weight ratio, but the dr said that can happen when there's a diet change like adding solids, so we're not worried.  And then he is going to talk to his nurse because her head was 36 at her 4month check, and he really doesn't think it grew that much.  Her head is looking is fine, and all the doctors and therapists in Logan think she doesn't need therapy anymore, so we're done with that.  I hope they're right!  Here's some fun pics of the Princess to entertain you!


  1. Happy 6 Months! She is adorable, and I love her big eyes!!

  2. Oh, you darling girl. These pictures are wonderful!

  3. She is SOSOOOO cute. Her eyes are amazingly pretty.