Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack O' Lanterns

We had a fun family night last night.  Daddy, Princess V and Princess C went to the store and got some pizaa for dinner, and pumpkins to carve.  Princess R and I stayed home, bceause she had her 6 month shots earlier in the day, and wasn't feeling real great.
We had a picnic with the pizza, and then Daddy had to go to a concert.  When he got home, the pumpkins were set up and the carving began. Here's some of the fun
 Silly Princess V
 The fun!
 She wrote her name all by herself!!
Princess R did not want to be on the pumpkin.

Princess C has had some bug this last week, and she still didn't feel too great last night so this is what she was doing....
Sleeping on my lap.

When we were all done, this is what we had.  One for Princess V, Daddy and Princess R

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  1. These are priceless! I hope the girls are feeling better for trick or treating. It isn't fun to not feel good at Halloween time. Love the pumpkins!