Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aerobics and Air

Tuesday we talked more about the letter A, and then did some aerobics.  Princess C rarely is still, so she does "aerobics" every day, but I was able to get Princess V to follow a youtube video and do some aerobics.
She makes me smile.  I love that Princess C eventually made it over too.

Wednesday we talked about Air.  I pulled out some balloons and we had a review on what we put into a balloon "GAS" they yelled!  Air is a Gas, so guess what we're putting in the balloon?  We then swung our arms around in the air, and just "felt" the air.  Following that, we blew up a balloon and I let them really feel some air as I let it out on their hair.  They thought that was pretty fun.  Last we ended with a balloon race that we found HERE.  I didn't get video since I was busy attaching the balloons and letting them go.

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