Sunday, January 2, 2011

CTR - Choose the Right

I can't believe it!!!  Princess V is a CTR!  I mean I knew the day was coming, but somehow we didn't even think about it.  So when she came out of primary today sporting a huge smile and CTR ring ("just like yours mommy!").  It caught me by surprise.  The last week or so, she's been easily upset, crying and just kind of sad a lot.  Ever since church today though, she has been back to her happy, cooperative and nice self.  I love this girl!

Princess C is still in nursery since she turns 3 this year.  She'll be one of the oldest in her class.  In nursery we talked about being a Child of God today.  (yes the King and I are nursery teachers)

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  1. Me too! Nursery is my favorite calling in the Church. We are so proud of Princess V! She is growing up into a lovely girl.