Friday, January 7, 2011

Tea Party!

Seriously, with 3 little princess' did you really think we weren't going to have a tea party?  This is just our first of many!
Being that this week we were learning about the letter E, I thought, Hey let's have an etiquette lesson.  Fun and full of learning.  We called each other Miss V, Miss C, and Miss Mommy (although Miss C dubbed me Miss Silly).  We worked on our please, thank you, and your welcomes.  Asking politely and saying excuse me.  Seeing the appropriate way to set a table, and putting our napkins in our laps.  Miss V did wonderful and really worked hard on her etiquette.  Miss C has perfected the art of napkin holding and face cleaning, but needs work in the other areas.


  1. That is so adorable! Can't wait until Audra is old enough to have a tea party! : )

  2. Would you like me to send you some cute place settings from the 100 yen store for your 'tea parties'? Your plates are darling, just thought I'd ask.

  3. Kristin, that would be a lot of fun!