Monday, January 17, 2011

Hold to the Rod

Monday night is FHE (family home evening).  With the Princess' getting older, I am becoming much more diligent in holding FHE here.  I was so very excited when a friend pointed me to a site where some ladies created a years (yes one FULL YEAR) worth of FHE's based on the primary's theme for the year. You can find the lessons HERE.  We've been having lots of fun learning about the scriptures and being able to coincide it with what the girls learn at church. Tonight though I think has been my favorite of all.
We began by singing The Iron Rod.  Then we read 1 Nephi 15:24.  We followed it up with a great object lesson. We blindfolded Princess V, had Princess C stand on the other side of the room with a picture of Christ and then told Princess V to find the picture of Christ.  She stood there, and told us she couldn't (she's so smart!).  So then Daddy and I held a rope (Iron Rod), and had her grab a hold to it and follow it to Christ.  We then switched rolls and blindfolded Princess C.  She actually tried finding the picture without holding to the rod, but we quickly helped her to grab on (just before clotheslining herself).
We ended our night singing Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, eating brownies, and playing a game of Dr Seuss Matching. 

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