Monday, February 28, 2011


Now the real concern is her climbing habit.  She's been able to get up on our chairs for awhile now.  I wasn't too worried, as long as I stayed near her, and she would just sit.  That has changed.  She now stands on the chair, bounces on it, crawls all over it, and even tried to climb back down.  The climbing down really makes me nervous.  She has made it safely a couple times, but quite often she gets stuck.
oh yes, she is thoroughly enjoying herself. 
See mom, I can sit like a big girl!
HELP!  Climbing down would be so easy if she could just figure out how to turn that leg and get it down.

This next picture beware.  She climbed on this all her own.  Lucky she was having enough loud fun that I checked on her before anything tragic happened - like trying to climb off this!

That's right, that's a two step stool.  Having fun in the kitchen sink.  After taking these pictures, I got her down, and pulled out the baby gate.  Oh that's right, it broke yesterday trying to keep her out of the bathroom.  Well, thankfully enough of the latch was still attached that it was long enough for the kitchen entry.  I think I need to figure something a little more permanent out though.

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