Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr Seuss

Yesterday was Dr Seuss' Birthday.  (It was also King Daddy's birthday).  To celebrate we read a new Dr Seuss book.  Not new new, but a book I had never read before.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this book.  I really thought I had read all of the Dr Seuss books, but I was wrong.  Since we're also working on the letter K this week, it fit in perfectly.  What book am I talking about? 
 The King's Stilts (Classic Seuss)
It was long, so a little hard for the Princess' to focus the whole time, but I enjoyed it.  I felt it had a good lesson about balancing our lives.  If we work all the time, and never allow ourselves to relax and have fun, balance will be thrown, and we will not be happy.  I'm sure the Princess' pulled that lesson out of there...ok probably not at their age, but this book is definitely one to read again.

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  1. It sounds cute. I've never heard of it either, but now I want to read it.