Tuesday, March 8, 2011

K is for Kitchen

Letter K:

Kitchen!  I really wanted to get better at our lessons.  So I was giving this a lot of thought last night.  We started letter K last week, but all we did was look at it, and practice writing it.  Princess V has gotten very good at her letter K, but only when she really focuses (I could use some focus ideas).  So back to last night.  I was sitting up late with my mom, she was doing schoolwork, I was thinking about the letter K.  I turned to her and asked her if she had to give a lesson on the letter K, what theme would she pick (my mom is a 1st grade teacher, so she does actually give lessons on the letter K).  Her quick response was kitchen.  AH-HA! I had my idea!  

Welcome to the kitchen, a place covered now in labels!
Princess C had fun running around the kitchen labeling.  Princess V caught me by surprise when she already knew the word chair and table.  Thank you Magic Moments Preschool! Princess V told me they have the table and chair labeled there too.  Proud mommy moment!

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