Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I is for ice and instruments

Letter I week
Lesson 1 - Ice

We had lots of fun playing with ice this last week.  It was only supposed to be a day thing but with our vacation we spread it out a bit.  We'll be doing more letter I lessons throughout the rest of this week.
For awhile the only I word I seemed to come up with was ice (sad I know).  So we worked on science.
I gave both the Princess' an ice cube tray to fill with water.  While they did that we talked about how we make ice.  I started with probing questions "How do we make ice?" "What happens to the water?", things like that.  Princess V is so smart and sneaky, her answer was that we put juice in the tray and a stick, put it in the fridge and make popsicles.  I told her that was a great idea, but we were going to start with ice cubes. 
 Once they had their trays filled, I asked them where we put them.  
Princess C "In the oven!"
Me: .......
Princess V: "In the Refridgerator"
Me: "Will it freeze in the oven or fridge?"
Princess V: "yes"
Princess C: "no"
Me: "So where should we put the water?"...."How about the freezer?"

So we put our trays in the freezer and then waited.  A couple hours later, we pulled them out to see what was happening.  They weren't completely frozen yet, so we could see some water bubbles under the top layer of ice.  
A couple days later, we finally got back around to playing with our ice....making Igloos!  As Princess C said though "It's cold!"  So igloos didn't turn out too well, but they had fun playing with their dolls in the melting ice, and then watching the cubes stick together as they melted together.

Lesson 2 - Instruments
We couldn't think of any specific instrument that started with the letter I, so we just talked about instruments in general.  And we didn't really talk about it past the fact that instrument starts with the letter I.  Instead I gave them hands on experience.  After cleaning their room up, we had music time, and pulled down our bag of Instruments.  Princess V had a blast!

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