Sunday, February 6, 2011

Princess V's dream

For about 2 weeks now Princess V has been waking up with the same dream.  Almost every morning she wakes up and tells me she had a dream about a haircut.  Apparently she got a haircut and it was like mine.  I got my hair cut just before thanksgiving last year, and I guess she really likes it.  Who knew a 4yo could give such subtle hints to what they wanted?  We caved today (or should I say King Dad caved?), and we gave her a home haircut today after church.  King Dad took charge here, and did a really good job.  She loves her new haircut that's just like mine.


  1. Adelina, she is such a doll! Love the cute haircut : )

  2. Good job, King Dad! I love it. Venice is so lovely.