Sunday, February 6, 2011

St George - Day 2

Saturday morning we hung out at the hotel until we had to check out.  Since we didn't want the Princess' in the car all day we even got a late check out of 1pm.  We started our adventures at Burger King for lunch, yummy right, lol.  We ate in a church parking lot across from the LDS temple.  We had to cut lunch short for a bathroom run.  Thankfully we were right there by the visitors center and didn't have to go in search of one.  While we were already inside, we decided to go ahead and enjoy the visitors center and the temple grounds before getting back to our lunches
I love this one!  Sisters a awesome!!

After finishing up our lunches we decided to drive down Main st and see what there was.  A friend told me about an art museum and I decided we'd go ahead and find it.  It was so beautiful.  The outside had this fun little stream and bridge the girls really loved. 
After playing in the water we went inside and looked at some art.  Awhile ago we had created our own art museum (you can read about it here).  So this was a great reinforcement of that lesson to the Princess'.  We sat on benches, admired the art, and chose our favorite pieces.  Then they had this fun little kids center where the Princess' made their own art.  
On our way out, we went around a different area and found this cool musical statue.  The Princess' are pretending to play the flute and trumpet here.

We finished up here and went to pick up King Dad from his conference.  We got there a little early so I let the Princess' burn off some more energy before our car ride home.


  1. I'm so glad to see that Venice wears pants now. We just mailed an outfit for her that is so cute. It was on sale and we couldn't resist.