Saturday, February 5, 2011

St George Day 1

We took a family vacation this weekend.  King Dad had the UMEA (utah music educators association) Conference he wanted to go to, and well who wouldn't tag along to sunny St George if they were able to?  So it's just what we did.  We left Thursday afternoon, and stopped at Nana and Opah's for dinner, and the first night.  It was really nice to shave that hour off our car trip.  We got up early Friday morning, packed the sleeping kids in the car and took off.  We made it almost halfway before they woke up and we had to find a rest stop. We made it to our hotel before 10am though, and to my surprise we were able to check in that early.  King Dad took off to the conference (just next door), and the Princess' and I hung around the hotel until lunch.

At lunch time we called King Dad, but he was just headed into a class, so we took off and had our own fun.  It started at Sonic with some grilled cheese's.  Then we went to a pretty cool Dinosaur Track Museum.  These people were digging the site for development when they pulled out a large rock covered in fossilized dinosaur tracks.  So they preserved the site instead and are still making finds there. I think Princess C and V enjoyed making their own dinosaur rubbings the best though, while Princess R just hung out.

When we first got to the museum I noticed a park across the street, so once we were finished up here, I took the girls across the street.  I didn't think we'd get to go to a park with the weather being so cold every where.  I was even told that St George was cold.  But not yesterday.  It was a beautiful day with just a slight wind.

After having lots of fun at Slick Rock Park we headed back to the hotel for some baths (the red dirt was a bit messy, though fun), and relaxation until dinner with King Dad at Olive Garden.  {rincess R really loved getting splashed
Princess C always has so much energy but today must have really worn her out.  After the bath this is what we found.  We had to wake her up for dinner, and to make sure she would actually sleep at night.  OH and the green lips are from a ring pop or as the Princess' call them "thumb thuckers"


  1. How cute! I'm glad you guys have been having fun so far!!

  2. What a perfect day you created for your royal family.