Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Week Days 1 & 2

Like I mentioned last thursday (I'm slacking I know!), I wanted to really help the Princess' focus on Christ around Easter instead of on the candy and easter bunny.  These lesson ideas came from Sugardoodle.
Day 1
We started it all yesterday with an introduction to why we celebrate Easter in FHE (family home evening).  I *hid* some eggs around the living room each with a letter of Easter in it - e in one, a in one, etc. I left one e out though, and kept that egg empty.  The computer decided to stop working on me last night when I was preparing this, so I had to kind of wing it. As they found each egg we opened them up and talked about the letter, while they ate  a piece of candy inside (candy helped keep them paying attention). Here is what I came up with since I couldn't get online
E- everyone. The Atonement is for everyone!
A - Atonement.
S - sin. The Atonement makes us clean from sin
T - tomb
E - this egg was empty to represent the tomb being empty, and Christ rising again
R- Resurrection
It was a great lesson that I believe the Princess' enjoyed and understood. The only distraction was Princess R trying to take all the eggs.  Every good FHE has refreshments! So we made edible tombs.  We weren't as fancy, but an upside down Hostess Cake and vanilla wafer worked for us! I gave Princess  V and C a spoon to make a hole, and they had fun.  King Dad and Princess R just enjoyed eating the cake and cookies.

Day 2
We started our lesson by reading the story of Jesus washing the apostles feet.  When I finished the story I asked Princess V to tell me what happened to.  I find doing this helps them pay more attention, and helps me know where they may be confused, or not understand.  Princess V got it almost perfect.  In her words "Peter Pan asked Jesus to wash his feet".  Well we had mentioned Simon Peter, so it wasn't that far a stretch for a 4yo mind.  I gently reminded her that it was Simon Peter not Peter Pan.  
Following the story we had a "Last Supper" type of lunch.  I served honey on bread, pita chips (like unleavened bread), grapes, and apples. I'm throwing the idea around to have lamb for our easter dinner instead of the normal ham.

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