Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Easter Baskets

This week on Toddler Talk Thursday we're talking Easter Baskets.  The question is What are you going to put in your toddlers Easter basket?

My answer, I honestly don't know this year.  In the past we've always put their new easter dress in their basket.  I'm not sure id we'll even be buying new easter dresses this year.  They all have so many dresses, it just doesn't seem necessary
Princess R is going to get her basket on saturday.  I am actually making it for her from this tutorial I found. Isn't that cute? Eventually I want to make one for each of the Princess' but I only have time for one this year.  The day before Easter is Princess R's birthday, the big 1. What I'm thinking of doing is making the basket, and then filling it with her birthday presents.  Which, by the way, we don't know what we're getting for that either!
Ya know, maybe I should head to the store today.  Look around and figure this out.  I guess with the move, we just haven't thought that far ahead.  
This was from a couple years ago, but here's Princess  V and Princess C in their Easter dresses 2009

What I mostly want to do this Easter is a week long focus on Christ.  The real reason why we celebrate Easter.  I want to make sure the Princess' know the importance of the holiday and that it truly is special.  I plan on doing this by using this idea from  Each day is a little mini lesson on Christ leading up to His death and resurrection.  I sincerely hope my Princess' will come to learn and love Christ the way I do.  Easter baskets are fun, but Christ is truly important.


  1. What sweet little dresses. I used to make my children special outfits for Easter too {when they were young}.

  2. I love the fabric Easter basket. I may have to dust off my sewing machine and give it a try:)