Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Constipation is no fun!

This is Princess R.  She is a joyful child. She love stuffed animals and dolls, and she loves kisses.
So how does a happy baby, such as the one above, go from that to....
The answer, my dear friends, is constipation.  Princess R has been struggling with this since birth.  I've tried baby prunes, prune juice, suppositories.  Nothing has cured it yet.  We still experience above picture almost weekly.  It is no fun I tell you, no fun at all!!  I do not enjoy seeing my Princess look like this, knowing she hurts, but not being able to cure it.  I've talked to 3 doctors about it now, and they have all told me the same thing -
"Her stomach feels fine, she's just learning to use those muscles, she'll outgrow it"
I have loved all my doctors and trusted their advice, but I'm starting to wonder if there's not more to this picture. 
Our first step on this journey, is checking food allergies.  So tonight King Daddy headed to the store for some Soy Milk.  I hope this does this trick! If not, I will probably be seeking another doctors advice.


  1. Oh no, that picture broke my heart poor baby. I will be saying prayers that you guys find a doctor or remedy that can help ease baby girls pain!

  2. We have had the same problem and the Dr. put out girl on stuff similiar to miralx. She has to been on it for a yr.
    Our problem is just getting enough fiber in our diet. Kiwik and grape fruit are the best but you can also have her eat most things that start with "P" peas, pears, peaches. Hope that helps. Because it is no fun.

  3. oopps, it is more like metamucil but it is over the counter medicine.

  4. hmm,, niCe post I read.. I'm sO sad when i lOok aT the PicTure..

  5. Beans, beans the more you eat the more you toot!

    We eat quite a bit of beans at our house-its a good high fiber food so it came to mind when I read this post. Of course most of the beans don't get chewed very well with babies this young but that's ok. We also eat a lot of Shredded wheat. Good luck-hope you guys figure out something 'cause it's no fun to see her so sad :(

  6. I don't have advice, but I love her little nightgown. Everytime I look at baby clothes I look for a nightgown in Elle's size and can never find one. They seem to only come in size 2T and up. Where did you get it?