Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Bath Time

Crazy About My Baybah

This weeks topic is Bath Routines.

I wish we had a better one! Right now the only day for sure they get a bath is Saturday night.  I want them to be clean for early church on Sunday!  So when bath time rolls around, I usually stick Princess V and Princess C in the bath together.  It saves on water, and they have a lot of fun together.  Princess R really wants to join them, but she's not quite ready for the big tub yet.  Before getting in the tub, I have them both go potty, because I do not (DO NOT!) want to lift a soaking wet child out of the tub to sit on the potty.  It's just not fun.
I let the Princess' play for awhile (I get some reading in), and then I begin the washing. Princess V has gotten old enough I trust her to wash herself, and I am still helping Princess C as she learns to use the soap. 
My biggest challenge is our tub.  It's a very nice, deep tub, with a glass door.  This makes it very difficult for me to help the Princess' during their bath. 
Because of the tub issue, we've moved on to more showers.  Princess V is getting pretty good at them, but Princess C still has trouble trusting the water spraying at her.
As for Princess R, we bathe her in the sink.  She's getting a bit big, and wants to play more, but I just can't trust myself to have a good hold on her in this tub.  And she is one heck of a climber! It's really funny when Princess C and Princess V get their bath, to watch Princess R trying to climb inside with them.  We have stools in the bathroom to reach the potty and the sink. So Princess R picks one of these up, carries it to the tub and tries climbing in too. The tall sides have come in handy for this at least!
After bath I wrap a hooded towel around them, and send them off to their rooms for jammies.  I usually have to encourage them a few times, since Princess C likes to turn into a turtle under her towel (I did the same thing at that age!!).  That's pretty much the routine.
Besides Saturdays, if they get extra dirty outside, or wake up smelly a little stinky, then we add another bath.

Next week topic suggestion: Food Allergies


  1. That is awesome that you can read a book when they are in the bath. My little guy is like a mad man in the tub, it is not so relaxing!!

  2. ahh I can just picture you smallest Princess wanting to join in with the big girls. My little guy is the same wants to be right in the middle of what ever the older kids are doing.

  3. Our kids like to be turtles too!

    We usually do baths on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights-It's been this why for a long time~it works for us, the kids know it now, and even their nana knows it-its quite funny!

    Of course if they get muddy or really dirty on the other day's we just bring out the hose...j/k