Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet vs Sour

Today I introduced the concept of opposites.  To go a long with the letter S, what better opposites than Sweet and Sour.  I pulled out the sugar, and some lemon juice. After a short explanation of opposites being two things that are different, we went in for a taste test.
Patiently waiting....

YES! Sugar is yummy!

 Princess V didn't want to try the lemon juice. Either we've talked about this before, or she just doesn't like tryin new things (which is quite true). I did manage to get her to take a taste though.

I wish I could remember what she said here, but she didn't like it. I just love their faces!

After we were done our taste test, we listened for the letter S as we said Sweet and Sour. Then we talked about what we can make with lemons and what we can make with sugar. Princess V seemed quite surprised that the lemon juice makes lemonade. Perhaps tomorrow we will make some lemonade.

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  1. MAybe point out when you mix the sour (lemon juice) with the sweet (sugar) that makes the lemonade.