Friday, June 24, 2011

T is for testimony - FHE idea

I really got behind on our letters this week.  Last week as we focused on the letter T, we spent a little time each day talking about a Testimony.  I used the ideas from this site for our Monday night FHE.  We began growing our own flowers as we talked about a testimony and the different parts of it.
Through out the week, we continued to add to our flowers each night before bed.  The Princess' really got into this lesson, and got excited each night to add more petals to their flowers.
Each petal asks a question either about what a testimony is, or a question that helped grow their own testimony.  Things like "What is a testimony?"  "Can someone give you a testimony?"  "What is the name of the church?"  "Who restored the Gospel to earth?"
We still have more petals, but we ran out of sticks. So once I find something else to use (straws maybe) we will continue to talk about testimonies. 

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