Friday, June 24, 2011

Unique Monique - book review

Unique Monique
Unique Monique is about a girl who has to wear a uniform to school. She thought "they were the ugliest colors and the ugliest clothes she had ever seen".  One day Monique finds an old trunk in the attic.  She finds things in the trunk to wear to school to make her different.  Each day the new item she is wearing gets banned from school.  Will Monique ever truly be different? 
This book was a fun read. It emphasizes we can be different without having to try hard. It teaches kids to be unique while following rules.  After reading it we talked about how we are all different and unique. We looked at the colors of our clothes, our hair.  Other ideas would be size, eye color (we're all blue eyed over here), skin color.  There are so many applications for this book.   

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