Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Babysitter Emergency Pack

Crazy About My Baybah

Once again it's time for Toddler Talk Thursday hosted by Crazy About My Baybah, Family and Life in Las Vegas, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom

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This Week’s Topic: Emergency Kit for your babysitter. Do you have one? What is in yours?

Good question. No, I don't have one. Never really thought about creating a kit. We rarely get a babysitter, and when we do it's usually someone like my mom.  There are steps I take to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable though when we get a babysitter. 
1. I only use babysitters that my kids have met previously. A recognizable face goes a long way in keeping the kids comfortable.
2. We don't own a landline, so I always make sure whoever is babysitting has a cell phone. If they don't we always leave one of ours behind with instructions on how to use it. Along with a list of emergency numbers.
3. If the kids are taking any medication (tylenol, gas drops, etc) I make sure to leave it easily accessibly to babysitter. 
4. Make sure babysitter knows of any special needs the kids have. 

I try to keep instructions, and information for a babysitter, simple and concise. No need to overwhelm them.  #4 on my list is a recent addition, from a not so fun experience. Princess C experiences nursemaids elbow periodically. It hasn't happened for awhile, so I hope she's outgrown it.  Nurse maids elbow is a condition commonly occuring to young children, where their elbow is pulled out of socket.  While taking care of my grandma this past year, we met a nice neighbor of my moms who periodically took the Princess' to play at her house, so they could run some energy out with friends.  One day, Princess C's elbow was pulled out of socket.  I hadn't informed our friend of this condition. Thankfully, she had had a child that also experienced it, and she was able to pop Princess C's elbow in no problem.  I was so gratefull it happened at someone's house with the knowledge to care for it. If it had been anyone else, they may have just let her keep playing with her elbow hurt. Ok she probably wouldn't have kept playing, because it causes her tons of pain. But who knows what could've happened. It taught me a valuable lesson there. 

Thinking about this though, I think I need a kit. What if there is an emergency and they have to leave the house? Natural disasters are happening all the time. We have an emergency bag for the family, but who knows maybe the babysitter will need one someday.  Hopefully not, but better prepared than not, right?

Topic Idea - Organizing kids toys. When do you get rid of older toys?


  1. That is a good thought. I never thought about that last part. Maybe we should work on one here.

  2. An emergency bag seems like a great idea. Hope it is never needed, but you never know.