Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yellowstone Family Reunion Part 1

We're back! Tuesday morning, we took off north to Yellowstone. My brother and his family were meeting us in Yellowstone from New Hampshire, as well as my parents and other siblings from Utah.  It was the first time our little family has gone camping with the kids, and they were little troopers!
On the way there. Princess R somehow ended up with 2 juice boxes, and was thrilled!
Daddy letting Princess R nap in his arms on our hike.

Ranger Program on bears. Princess V loved sitting with her cousin A.

As long as she was wrapped in a blanket Princess R slept very well in a tent.

We had some cold mornings before a fire was built, so Princess V and I cuddled in the car to stay warm, and away from the millions of mosquitos.

Princess R loved moving around the campfire and sitting in different chairs. She is a natural born camper!

Princess V and her cousin A waiting to get the hike going.
Daddy chopping some wood

Princess R in the chairs again.

Princess C had lots of fun too!

Princess V running away from the snow (yes SNOW!) her cousin L was kicking around.

"Yes mom, put me on a blanket, but I'd much rather stand in the dirt and try to get in that snow!"

Snow snow snow. This was the kids hangout place.

My favorite place, by the fire, in the smoke. Less mosquitos that way

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  1. Adelina, you seriously have the three most beautiful girls in the world! Your vacation looked like it was sooo much fun!