Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yellowstone Family Reunion Part 2

ok, we took this on our way out of the park. I insisted out of all the pictures we took, this must be one!

Daddy and Princess R hanging out at the falls.

Family picture!

Princess V with Aunt A at Old Faithful.

Princess R loving the shade of her stroller!

Princess C. She had loads of fun. So much she was hardly ever still enough to get some pictures of.

Princess C got sick on our way to another hike. So we steered away from the rest of the family and did some window shopping in West Yellowstone. Princess V became a Bison.

Princess C sporting a coon skin hat. She wears it well.

Princess V got some quality Daddy Daughter time while checking out the Norris Geyser Basin.

Princess C and Daddy listening to the Crackling Lake, and finding a bug swimming in the water.

More Daddy daughter time.

We ate lunch in a meadow of sorts at Mammoth Hot Springs. The Princess' loved the freedom to run around and the softness of grass instead of dirt, rocks and twigs.

I got a slew of pictures with Princess C here. Only she decided she had to frown in all of them. She finally let me take one of her "smiling".  

We had so much fun! All 3 Princesses threw up once, and then felt perfectly fine the rest of the time. Possibly too much car time, not the same foods they were used to. It could've been a myriad of reasons. They enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and that is what making memories is all about! We'll be back to learning our letters tomorrow!

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