Saturday, June 18, 2011

T is for traveling

We started our week out going to the Hill Aerospace Museum on Hill Air Force Base. I have to say, I love living next to an airforce base.  Some people complain about the planes, but I enjoy every plane that flies over head. I usually will even stop and try to find it, see if it's big, little, headed to the base, or the other 2 airports nearby (yes there are that many airports near us, anyone want to visit?).  We've been to this museum a good number of times, and for me it never gets old.  I just wish the kids would slow down so I could actually read the little signs by all the planes, lol.
 Princess trying out the helmets
Princess V and Princess R are ready for take off. Really. Princess R did not want out of that cockpit!

Hanging out under the plane.

The rest of the week we talked more about traveling, and the different methods people travel by. Boats on water, planes in the sky, and car and trains over land. I tried really focusing on trains since it also starts with T. We even saw 2 or 3 trains this week.  The first time we were "traveling" to Nana and Opah's. We passed a train and we talked about the caboose. The Princess' really loved the word caboose.  After we passed the caboose, Princess V said "That was a really long train!"  Again we saw a train just while driving around town, and this time we talked about the front being the engine.  They still preferred the caboose.  During the week we took a number of trips where we got to talk a little more each time on traveling.  We went to Nana and Opah's on thursday, and today we headed north to a family reunion.  We had lots of fun, and the Princess' make good travel companions.

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