Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dates - Princess C

We have been trying to find ways to curb the whining that goes on in our house. We really want the Princess' to have consistently good days.  So King Daddy came up with this fabulous idea for Princess V and Princess C. For every good day they have they get a sticker. If they had a "bad" or whiny day they don't get a sticker. Depending on severity of the whining, a sticker may even get taken away.  Isn't the chart cute?

 Princess C reached 5 good days yesterday, and so today she got to get dressed up and go out with Daddy.  Looks like they are off for some fun!
Princess V needs one more sticker, and she'll get her turn. Watching Princess C go out today, I hope motivated her to have some better days.

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