Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeding the birds

In our book of the week, Olivia wants to feed the Pigeons. First she can't find any, and then she is surrounded by them. 
We don't have any pigeons around here, but there is a park that has flocks of geese duck and some smaller birds.  So this morning, we packed some bread and headed to the park.  We were off to feed the birds just like Olivia.  The Princess' had a lot of fun tossing bits of bread to the geese. I got a little wary when they kept coming closer. One goose in particular had my heart thumping, as he kept hissing  to chase the other birds away from us. Princess V even got hissed at a couple times just for moving a foot. Scary I tell you! But they had a lot of fun. We just booked it out of there pretty quick once our bread was gone.

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