Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess V

Happy Birthday Princess V

I can't believe you're 5 years old. The time has flown by.  I remember when you would keep me up at night crying and I would rock you to sleep every night. Most night falling asleep in a chair. Now you keep me up at night with stories, drinks, and back scratches. I wouldn't have it any other way.  
I remember the day you started really talking. You walked around the corner pointed at a hammer and said "hammer" then you started naming everything around you.  Now you tell me your own stories, you ask questions that make me thing.  You can still "crack me like an egg" with some of the crazy things you come up with, and I love it. 
Right now you are playing in the hair box. You and Princess C are doing barbie's hair. I much prefer this activity to your periodic hair cutting endeavors. I'm sure your sisters appreciate it to.  
Yesterday you turned 5. We didn't throw a big party, but you had fun all the same. After a morning of playing, you went to preschool.  At school you got to wear a crown, and got some birthday treats. The smile on your face as you came running out of class made my heart beam. When we got home, Princess C gave you her present
a new kitty cat (you've named it Hello Kitty) and Toy Story Markers.
Then we enjoyed some home made cake from Daddy

After cake, a babysitter came over for Princess C and Princess R, so you could go out with Mommy and Daddy.  We had so much fun with you Princess V.
riding a carousel

drinking chocolate milk and having pizza and fries

playing mini golf

and roller ball.

We also took you to the bookstore to choose a present from us. We came home with a Melissa and Dough wooden Birthday Cake. You have had tons of fun playing with it and sharing it with your sisters. 

Princess V, I am so glad you are a part of this family. Life would not be the same without you.  What a special daughter of God you are, and I thank Him for sending you to us. 
Happy Birthday Princess!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your oldest princess! Time sure does fly, doesn't it?! Love how you took her out for some one on two time! So special.