Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Wow did life get busy and completely insane for awhile there!  I started watching some extra kids, but it became too stressful on my body to try and keep track of 5 kids practically the same age, plus get 3 of them to 2 different preschools, and Princess V and Princess C were starting dance again. I just couldn't do it. So I stopped.
A couple weeks ago we also had an emotional time as one of King Dad's students from last year died, and on the same day a good friend of mine lost her baby (just a few weeks further along then myself). I was in an emotional downspin, and blogging just wasn't on the list of things to do or needed to be done.

But I am back! After a wonderful General Relief Society Meeting, followed by LDS General Conference, and then a beautiful Sabbath today, I am here to say, life is good. Life goes on, and the sun is shining.  So here's a little update on all of the Princess'.

As I mentioned Princess V and Princess C started dance up again. It was Princess V's birthday present from Opah and Nana, and Princess C's (very early) birthday present. King Dad and I decided we would have Princess V take a pre-ballet class this year. She can be very focused and she tried very hard to do the things she is taught. Princess C, we put back in the same Children's 1 class.  She has a hard time focusing, and just loves movement, so this is going to be the best fit for her. We also think they will be able to personally thrive in separate classes.  After their first week, they are thrilled and so happy to be dancing again. It makes me happy that my parents saw their joy (and mine) and chose to do this for them.
On our way to Princess V's first class

Princess V has also started preschool at the local elementary school (there's a post about that). She is still enjoying it immensely and has begun to remember the other kids names. She loves seeing her friends every time we drop her off.
Princess C and I are doing a preschool Co-op. Some sisters in our ward got together and we put together a plan for our 3-4 year olds for preschool. Each week we take a turn teaching, co-teaching, and helping with the teachers extra kids (Princess R and Princess V from me).  It has been so much fun seeing these kids each week and their excitement to have their own class. Most of them have older siblings and you can tell they think this is such a special class just for them. The moms have all been amazing teachers, and we've really just had a lot of fun with it.

Princess R. What to say. She has a shoe fetish. I need to take more pictures of her and shoes, because it's just too cute. She can walk around in my size 9 flip flops without tripping, my Sunday heels, and all her sisters shoes. She can also be a bit of a pill. She is very domineering, and makes her older sisters cry about once a day.  She's still not talking words yet, besides mama dada uh uh and shhh, but we've learned pretty well what she needs and how she communicates. Any day now, those words are going to come out and never stop!  Oh and she is a big time Daddy's Girl! She gets so excited when daddy gets home, and when he has to leave she will cry for awhile because she wants to go too! 
Baby #4. Have I mentioned I'm pregnant? I'm about 14-15 weeks along right now. We have found an amazing doctor, who I couldn't be more pleased with. I know each and every time we have just happened on a doctor, no referral, we have been blessed to have some wonderful people in our lives. We don't know the gender of baby 4 yet, but Princess V is convinced it is her brother, and has even prayed that it will be a brother and asked Heavenly Father if she can name it ___.  It's so cute. I personally feel that this one is going to be our little boy. I knew with the last 3 that they were going to be girls, but this one feels boy. We'll know next month hopefully!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON BABY #4!!!!! Sounds like you are a couple weeks ahead of me. We are due April 27 and I think we will both have boys! :) When is your due date?