Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Bullying

It's thursday! Time for parents of toddlers to come together to talk all things Toddlers!
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This weeks topic -
Playground etiquette: What do you do when another child is pushing, hitting, kicking or hurting/bullying your child at the playground.

We haven't had a problem with this very often.  I think more and more parents are stepping up and really watching their children to keep bullying from happening. The only incident I remember was a couple years ago when Princess V was about 2 or 3. There was an older child at the park, probably around 5 or 6, who kept running at Princess V and pushing her. Then not letting her play on any of the equipment. I had seen this boy talking to an adult earlier, and assumed it was probably his mom. At first I didn't do anything. I just told Princess V to find somewhere else to play, and leave the boy alone. That didn't work, because the boy would still find her and push her around. I watched as the supposed mom (adult in charge at least) watched this child bully my daughter, and do absolutely nothing about it.  I finally said enough was enough, and cornered the boy to let him know his behavior was inappropriate and it had better stop. I may have threatened something like telling his mom, or calling the cops (yeah I would too), but I don't remember if I did or not. However, he did leave Princess V alone after that, and his parent/adult had watched the whole interaction, and then went right back to chatting with her friend.  I was about ready to give that mom a piece of my mind as well, but decided I'd leave it alone. 
So other than that, the only other issues we've had are my kids not always being nice to others. They get impatient, won't wait in line for the slide.  Not really bullying, because it's never done intentionally, but still not being nice. I usually give the Princesses one warning, before we leave and they lose the privelege of playing at the park/playplace. 

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  1. All I can say is wow! I thought my daughter learning to share was as bad as it got in the playground--but the boy in your story is way worse than anything I have seen. I hope you are right and that people are starting to step in more when their kids are playing or pay more attention to their children at the playground.