Friday, December 9, 2011

18 month Well Child visit

We're a bit late, but we took Princess R into her 18month well child check today. Since our last doctor vanished (not kidding!), I was a bit lazy in finding a new one. Since there was no urgent need for the Princesses to see a doctor it just got pushed out.
Well, Princess R started fighting bedtime, and naptime. Normally she went down pretty easy. So we switched her to a toddler bed, but she was still fighting sleep. I thought perhaps she had an ear infection, and decided to make that 18month appointment. 

OH MY WORD!!! Almost as soon as we got into the exam room Princess R was freaking out. It was like she knew shots were coming, even though it's been 6months since she's seen a doctor.  We almost didn't get her immunizations today, since I didn't have the records, and this is a new doctor. Thankfully there's a new electronic system (maybe just in UT, but every state should have this!), and we were able to look up where she's at on her immunizations. She needed two shots today. Also, since we live in an older home, they tested her blood for lead as well.

I knew she was going to scream, I expected it. What I didn't expect was that her sisters would also be screaming as if they were getting the shots! Princess V got all concerned and curled herself up in a chair silently crying because her baby sister had to get shots, and she remembered getting her shots. Princess C was screaming just as loud as Princess R and going a bit frantic between watching the shots, and running back to her chair. 

I always knew my kids were sensitive. The slightest booboo's, trips, and hurt feelings can send them into fits of whining and crying. Before today it would upset me, and just drain me of energy to "toughen thm up". Today showed me just how sensitive they are. Their love and concern for their sister to show that much outward feeling was quite touching. If they can grow up continuing to feel that much for those around them, I will gladly kiss every booboo no matter the size, and comfort their tears.

Admittedly though, I will never take them all together when anyone has to get a shot again.  No need to intentionally over worry them!


  1. Your girls would definitely get along with Arvilla, she is very much like that. Having a brother has helped her "toughen up" a little bit, but she's still very tender hearted. Maybe having a brother will help your girls a little too.

  2. Been there done that. So stressful for all but especially the mom who is trying to comfort them all at the same time. After one time doing that I too will never take my kids together to the doctor! Congrats on making it through!