Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Notice anything different? Yep! The blog name has been changed!! Last week we had an appointment with the ultrasound tech to find out baby #4's gender (and of course make sure everything else looked good).  To many many surprised folks I've had the pleasure of letting them know we're having a little Prince!

The hard part now will be finding a name. For over 5 years King Dad and I have thrown boy names around, and have not been able to agree on any of them! Now that we are actually having a Prince, the King and I have found some names we both like. It's a matter of finding the right combination now. 
We've taken into consideration the Princesses ideas, but with a grain of salt...
Wolverine and Scott Summers are just a few of their suggestions.

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  1. So happy for you guys! The name Scott Wolverine Summer has a great ring to it ;)