Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dance Showcase

Princess V and Princess C had their Christmas Dance Showcases this week. I am ever so grateful to my parents for helping with the expenses of dance this year, so these Princesses could continue doing something they both really enjoy! 
Princess V had her showcase yesterday. Unfortunately the camera batteries were going and I misplaced my wallet. So here's a few snapshots I was able to get out of the camera.

Her posture and focus on her teacher continue to impress me! I definitely think putting her in a class specifically for ballet, and without her sister has helped her to grow more confident in herself.

Princess C had her showcase this morning, and thanks to the King we had new batteries for the camera.  Here's some cute videos.
Princess C is the one on the right in the red skirt. She's also the one singing along. I think singing lessons may be in her future as well.
Getting this little Princess to smile was a trick! I found if I wanted her to smile she would frown, but if I frowned she would smile.
Again, I am impressed at this girls progress. We kept her in the level 1 class for a second year, and she really has improved greatly.

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