Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Today is Princess V's last day of preschool before the Christmas break. So this morning we sat down together and made these cute little "pencil" gifts for her teachers.

I found the idea while browsing pinterest (seriously love that site!).  So credit for this idea goes to the DCW Diary.
The "pencil" is just a pack of Rollo's wrapped in paper, with a Hershey Kiss added for the tip.  I am so excited about these, and hope her teachers will love them as well. I also hope her teachers know how much we appreciate all the time they  put in to teach our kids.
There are many benefits to being a teacher, mainly the satisfaction that you are training up the next generation of kids. I think Christmas time is another wonderful time to be a teacher. Parents get so creative when giving gifts. King Daddy has alreayd brought home a jar of homemade caramels, which he then gave to me since he knows they're my favorite.  I love seeing the appreciation that parents give to their kids teachers, and I am so excited to be a parent with a school aged child so I can get in on the fun! 

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