Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture post

Where have I been lately?! I haven't been able to do as much with the Princesses lately, between our kitchen remodel, running them to dance and preschool, and making appointments for me and baby Prince.  Here's just a few of the fun things they've done though,
Made bread dough

Done a lot of water coloring

played in the snow

Hung out in their awesome bathrobes

Trying to sneak King Dad's Ipad, and getting mad when we wouldn't let her

And finally discovering that Princess R fits inside a pillow case, with a pillow.

A few updates. Princess  C will be done with preschool end of January. We've had some mom's drop out due to things like a new baby, and lots of out of town trips. We were probably going to pull out end of March anyways to get ready for baby Prince, but this will give us a few months to prepare before hand. I'll be doing a lot more hands on things at home with the Princesses with one less place I have to go each week.
Princess V still loves school, and has learned to write her letters very well. Each week I try to give her a new word to spell. Right now we're working on our last name, and Apple.
Princess R is a handful. She is very attached to momma, but she loves all her family, and will play with others as long as mom doesn't try to leave. Just this week were speech has begun improving with more words, and better understanding on our part.


  1. great work!! I have a dickens of a time trying to get my kidlets to sit down long enough to write anything lol!! But hey sure love science experiments and anything hands on or that we can learn while outside lol!! Guess thats what happens in a complete group of boys though lol!

  2. Love the things you are doing. Especially the outline of Daddy on the wall! Christopher loved writing on the walls before we painted them, he was as much fun as the kids!