Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last night we had a luau party at the church. Despite Mark not being able to come with us, the kids did really well with just me, and actually listened to me the whole night. I had some wonderful help from the members though in keeping track of them, and getting their food.  Before the party though, we made some awesome "grass" skirts.
We measured their waists, and cut some elastic to fit. Then I made a casing in the fabric for the elastic. Once we had the elastic threaded through, I used the rolling cutter to cut the fabric into strips. Voila, grass skirts on the cheap! We used fabric I had laying around, so besides money for the elastic (and at 59cents/yard it was a score), these were virtually free. The Princesses loved wearing them, and had a blast at the luau.
Their favorite part was the pinata. Someone else was taking pics of the whole party, and I know he got some of the girls. I just need to see if I can get those from him now. I'm positive there's a really good one of Princess C whacking the pinata, and one of Princess R with her bag of gathered candy.

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  1. those are super cute grass skirts!!! I love em they look soo cute!