Monday, February 13, 2012

Mixing Colors with Princess C

Princess V was up sick last night. So this morning while she vegged out on the couch with some "Avatar: the last airbender", Princess C and I got some quality time to learn about mixing colors.
She had a lot of fun, and I did too. I had her guess what the two colors would make. She was really amazed when blue and yellow made green instead of red, lol. She knew that blue and red would mke purple though. Every girl has to know how to make purple, right?
I think I'm going to go pinterest some more color mixing activities now.  Make it our theme for the week.


  1. love the worksheet- great idea!

  2. My favorite way to teach secondary colors is with play dough. You can make a whole color wheel with a small amount or red, blue and yellow. It's almost like magic when you knead a tiny ball of red and and a tiny ball of yellow together.
    You are a great MOM!