Sunday, February 5, 2012

St George Vacation

This weekend we took off to sunny St George utah, for a music educators conference. We went last year, and had so much fun just being away from the home, we decided to go again this year. King Dad gets to network, while the Princesses and I get to relax without worrying about laundry, dishes and other daily tasks.
Here's a look at some of our fun.

After an early check in to our hotel room, and a quick nap by mom and Princess R, we headed to a park for some lunch and SUN! The Princesses had so much fun, and hardly touched any of their lunch.
At one point Princess V was playing with a little boy about her age. She was Jasmine, and he was Aladdin. Awe! It was very cute.

Next we hit up the Dinosaur museum. Sadly I didn't get any pictures here, but they had lots of fun. If you ever have the chance to go, I recommend it. For me personally it's so cool to see the fossilized dinosaur tracks. They also have a small childrens area where the kids made some dinosaur rubbings, played with toy dinosaurs and put together dinosaur puzzles.

We headed back to the hotel at this point, where Princess V took a nap. Princess C and Princess R enjoyed some sister bonding...
Yes, in the closet, with a bowl of popcorn. Why? I don't know. From what I could tell though, Princess C was a dog, and Princess R was the owner.

When King Dad finished his conference-ing for the day we attempted the "heated" pool, but the cool night air was just a little too cool for our swimming pleasure. Princess V and I picked up some McDonald's, and we enjoyed dinner in our room with a little Avatar and book reading.

Saturday was just as relaxing. We slept in, and had a breakfast of cereal in our room while watching cartoons. After checking out we headed to the local art museum. I knew I couldn't get my kids too interested in the displayed art, but again they have a kids area, where the Princesses got to do some water coloring, cutting, and gluing.

After this art fun, we headed to my friends house. The kids got to make new friends, and I got some real live grown up chat (Thanks Juli!!!). We then headed back to the Conference center for another picnic, and to pick up Kind Dad. I was hoping we'd have time to hit up the Utah Wildlife Museum(also next to the conference center), but by the time the Princesses finished eating, we turned around and King Dad was there!
We thought it would be better to just get on the road and get home.
We made one stop to pick some things up from Great Grandpa's, and then got home.

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