Friday, April 27, 2012

Toddler Talk Thursday - Art

Where did the week go? I'm not too surprised another thursday slipped past me, but I wish they would stop doing that. For some reason I skip thursday quite often. It's like a millisecond and all of a sudden Wednesday has turned into Friday.

This weeks topic on Toddler Talk is Art. 

Sadly I don't do as much art with the kids anymore.  When I started this blog it seemed to be all we did.  We even made this art gallery once

Then there was the time we made art out of fruit

I need to get back to that fun mom.  For now our "art" has been in the form of performing arts as we go to King Dad's concerts (which we did last night..Prince L's first concert). 
What I'd really like to do is take a month to feature some famous artists with the Princesses and have them "recreate" the different styles in their own way.

Art is so important for the developing child. It's proven to help in ither academics through life. Even if they don't became famous artists or musicians, the exposure still greatly benefits them.

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  1. I think the busier I got my parental creativity went downhill. BTW- I left a little something for you over on my blog. Enjoy!