Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July! We went to a parade this morning.  Had a BBQ with friends for lunch/dinner, and are headed to some fireworks tonight.
Check it out! Prince L fits in the umbrella stroller already!

Princess V sporting an All American outfit.

Wave that flag Princess C!

King Daddy conducting the community Band

Well Hello Princesses!

Princess R actually gave Ariel a hug!! Where did my shy little girl go?

Enjoying the shade with some good food and friends (I'm on the left)

While I was cleaning up the BBQ, I turned around to find this sight. We must have really wore them out today. I need more days like this. They are all asleep if you can't tell.

Prince L is actually still asleep. I'm hoping he wakes soon so we can head out to the city fireworks show. I'm a huge fireworks fan, and we missed them last year.

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