Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moab and Washington trips

I feel bad I haven't done much updating here. We had a pretty crazy summer, but it's starting to tone down. Mark found a new job, and we moved.  In the process of looking for a new job though, we took a couple fun trips.
The first one was just Mark, Lincoln and I. We took a mini trip to Moab for an interview and some time alone. While Mark was interviewing, Lincoln and I enjoyed the sunshine.

A couple weeks later we all headed to Spokane for another interview and family fun.
With 4 kids in the car we had to make some pretty frequent stops. 2 of which were to clean up some car sickies (ewww!)
First stop, Montana park! LOVED these swings!
I love the bottom picture of Princess R here. She was running up a hill, and next thing we know she was down. Just enjoying the grass and sunshine.
Next stop was another park in Montana for lunch
Finally we made it to our motel in Spokane (took us a bit to find the place though, since we forgot to print out directions, or even an address!)

We were planning on making the return trip in 2 days, but King Dad got called for another interview in southern utah. It was a long long ride, but King Dad saved the day with these fun toys!

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