Friday, March 19, 2010

Balloons Galore!!

Haha, ok not really galore. Only one balloon per girl today. We just finished popping all the balloons last week from Daddy and Chloe's birthdays. I did not want too many more floating around the house. The Princess' just love balloons though! I've decided I really enjoy starting school out with a book. So today was Balloons and Other Fun Things by Richard Scarry. Since today was only about Balloons we did not read the whole book. The first section was on gravity, so we read that. And then we skipped to the Balloon section. It told us how some balloons float because the gas is lighter than air, or it is hot air.
After reading our book, we pulled out the bag of balloons. To avoid fighting, they each got a pink balloon. Now it was play time! They got a lot of energy out just running around the house chasing each other with balloons. At one point Princess C was using hers as an exercise ball. She'd sit on it and bounce up and down, and then lay on it and roll back and forth. She is one strong girl! Sadly though Princess C's balloon met an untimely POP. As she was laying on it, it burst and she dropped to her stomach. I expected great cries of pain, and sadness, but was met with more confusion. The poor girl got up on hands and knees and started looking for that balloon under her. I can't really help but laugh at her poor confused face, it truly was funny. When she found the knot, she brought it to me - "broken". We cleaned up the mess, and then blew up another balloon, this time orange.
While Princess C continued her exercise, Princess V and I worked on math and coordination. Really very simple. We played balloon toss. As we threw the balloon back and forth, we counted. If we dropped the balloon the counting began over. We made it all the way to 18!!! And yes she counted with me! By the end though, Princess V thought it would be funny to watch mommy lunge for the balloon, and started throwing it just enough to the side of me. Silly girl.
We had a delicious (and completely unhealthy) lunch of cinnamon toast, with frosting for cinnamon rolls, and cinnamon syrup. YUM! And absolutely nothing to do with balloons, just wanted to let you lick your lips.
After lunch we pulled out the markers, and drew faces on our balloons. Princess V knew exactly what to do! She gave her balloon a face, and some hair, and then some color all over. Princess C just enjoyed the coloring.
We got some more exercise and walked to the mailbox, and then played in the backyard. We put off the rest of school to wait for Daddy! So after dinner tonight (a yummy chicken and potatoes!), we pulled out the paper mache and covered mommy's balloon. We'll pop it tomorrow to see what it looks like :) I am so glad we waited for Daddy, because he had never paper mached before! It was so fun! Although, both Princess' were very tired, and Princess V did NOT want to get her hands dirty, so she just stirred our glue/water mixture.
Since the Princess' were both so tired I decided to put them down together today. It worked! YES! At 7pm they were both in bed with jammies. We turned on the lullaby cd, and I sat on the floor and read some more Little Women to them. After 3 pages, they were both sound asleep. Daddy and I are now going to go relax and watch a movie.

Heads up everyone, tomorrow is Cooking Saturday! And what a coincidence, it's also National Pancake Day!!

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