Thursday, March 18, 2010

bubblicious day

Today we learned about bubbles. I don't have much to write because I think I picked something up yesterday (probably from the millions of kids at the gateway), but we still had fun. We read Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy about a girl who blows a bubble that picks up her little brother and carries him over the town. Very cute book, and the Princess' loved it. We read it a couple times throughout the day.
For snack we had a little "Bubbly" (aka soda). I had the Princess' watch as I poured it into their cups and it bubbled up. We then examined the cups and found bubbles all over the place. Hey, they thought it was pretty cool!
After a messy lunch, we took a bubble bath. And just before dinner we blew some bubbles in the kitchen. Princess V has become a master bubble blower. Princess C was just cute to watch. She'd get up close to the wand, stick her bottom lip out and blow....up. She'll get there. When we got bored of that, we pulled out some bubble wrap! I love bubble wrap and popping it. Princess V pulled on her sunday shoes and had fun jumping on it. I thought I'd throw a little science in too. So we grabbed an old lightbulb and dropped it on the bubble wrap. What do you know, it didn't break. Once again, the Princess' thought it was pretty cool.
And of course I ended the day teaching the girls a new household chore :) Dishwashing! Those are some fun bubbles!

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