Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patricks Day

This is such a late post! But Happy St Patricks Day yesterday! We had such a fun time. We began our morning by eating Lucky Charms. Daddy had the day off, so we took off to Salt Lake City. The Discover Gateway Museum was having a free admission day, and we wanted to take part in it. Although it was free, I'm not sure the crowd was completely worth it. Princess C had a ball, while Princess V was in a more observing mood. Once Princess V found the garden area though, she was happy!

After a fun, albeit crowded, time we went for some lunch. We brought pb&j sandwiches from home, and got some fries from Burger King. We ate in the car and watched a bit of Care Bears. As soon as we were all done eating though it was back out for more fun. You can't visit SLC and not visit Temple Square. The Princess' loved it. Princess V's first comment ass we walked through the gate "WOW! Lots of Temples!" Yes there is only one, but from a child's perspective, some of the other buildings look like they could also be temples. We talked to some of the Sister Missionaries. And then let the Princess' get some energy out. Boy did they love all the water features. Princess C had to be carried away when it was time to go. She kept trying to get into them too, but luckily Daddy is fast enough.

After Temple Square, we decided we needed a break. So we headed out to Nana and Opah's. Of course everyone was still at school. But the Princess' got to sleep a bit in the car, and then had fun with some barbies. Before we left, we did get to see Uncle C, Aunt A, and Aunt M. Aunt A is Princess V's "Best Friend". Princess C had a hard time after we left calling everyone M. Oh I do love my girls. From here we wanted to see Uncle M and Aunt N. It had been quite awhile, and we hadn't even met the baby they're in the process of adopting yet. They were home, and we got to spend about 45 minutes with them just talking. The Princess' ran off with their cousin, and really enjoyed their time. The little baby they are adopting is so cute. I got to hold him and he laughed for me. On our way out, before we even made it to the car, Princess V looked sad and told me "I miss Madilyn". We'll definitely have to see them more often.

Finally it was time for the Big Finale! My old roommate ChaRlie LOVES this holiday. I even bought special shamrock earrings to wear for her. We went back to SLC to her house, and just enjoyed ourselves. We picked up some pizza on the way and had Shamrock cookies for dessert. The Princess' also enjoyed some green drinks. While we were there we played twisted with the Princess'; built towers, and boats our of Lincoln logs; and socialized. ChaRlie's parents were home as well, so we got to talk to them, and hear some pretty fascinating stories. They recently returned from an LDS Mission to Japan, just south of where Grandma and Grandpa are living.

Finally it was time to return home. I believe we got home just before midnight. The Princess' were sound asleep and were easily moved from car to bed. Then Daddy and I put ourselves to bed as well.

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