Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

Mommy wasn't feeling too great today, just a headache, so we didn't do much schooling. We went to a local park and got some good play time in. But on the way home Princess V got tired so she took a nap. Then Daddy came home and took Princess C out for a bit, leaving mommy with free time! What a way to celebrate Womens Day!!!
We did a little though. When Princess V woke up we read a chapter out of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. We're halfway through it, and loving it! When Princess C got home we colored pictures to send to Grandma. We've got to appreciate all the women in our lives!
For Family Home Evening, we talked about Esther. We found her book in the bible, and then watched the cartoon of Esther. She was a great women full of faith and righteousness.

Unfortunately our day didn't end the way we would've liked. Mommy went to take a bath, and the Princess' hopped on the bed to watch a movie before bed. While in the tub I heard a loud thunk and Princess V screaming. She had fallen off the bed. We tried calming her, but I could tell she was more seriously hurt this time around then other falls. So we packed her into the car and I drove her to the Instacare. Daddy stayed home to be with Princess C. At the instacare they got us right back to be looked at. The dr was one I like and was really nice. She was concerned with how much pain Princess V seemed to be in, and the fact that she wouldn't let go of her neck. So instead of doing any x-rays there they called the hospital and we got a ride over to the ER. They had to put her in a neck brace and a thing they call a papoose. It kept her from not moving but the whole time she kept begging me "please please please take it off. I don't want a bandaid!" I felt so helpless. I cried a bit, but knew I had to be strong for her, so calmed down and took care of her. At the ER she fell asleep, and we let her. They did a CT scan, and thank goodness it all came back negative. No internal injuries, so she will just be sore. They gave me a list of things to watch for just in case though. We're home now and watching Once Upon A Forest. She's awake, and having a hard time falling asleep. We tried a drink, but it seemed to hurt to swallow as well. And moving her neck isn't so pleasant at the moment.
Well, I'm off to relax and see what I can do to make her comfortable. Hopefully she won't be in too much pain tomorrow.

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  1. Poor darling. You were very wise in taking care of her. You are a wonderful Mother. I hope she is feeling better now.