Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hats, Apples and The Things Kids Say

As our normal tuesdays go, we got up early and drove down to Nana and Opah's.  Only difference today was that Princess V was wide awake!  So I thought, hey, let's play a game.  Prnicess V do you want to play "I spy with my little eye?"  I got a very excited YES!  So I did a quick run down on how to play (we've never played before), and we got started.  I was surprised how quickly Princess V picked up on it.  A few things changed though -
1.  It became "I spy with my eye eye eye."
2.  Instead of describing what she saw she described something to find, as in "I spy with my eye eye eye a white car"  looking looking looking "Oh there's one!"  "Good job Mom!".  I love my kids.

Once we got here we got Princess V ready for preschool and sent her off.  Then as promised Prnicess C and R and I had more Columbus fun!  Check out our cool sailor hats!
Princess R is working on sitting up.  She loves to lean as far forward in her bouncer as she can and hold on to her toys.
When Princess V got home from preschool we started making applesauce.  Mmm mmm!  I had Princess V and Princess C help me wash the apples, and once I got them in the apple masher I had them help me crank the handle.  Unfortunately it was a little tough to crank, so I only got a little help from them.

Princess V was a very lucky little girl.  Nana and Opah had a wedding reception to attend and took Princess V with them.  Here they are on their way out.  I understand they had a lot of fun, and Princess V was a good girl.
Kids say the funniest things some times.  Today as Princess V was playing with Aunt A, she told her aunt that she is a girl person, and Uncle C is a boy person.  And boy people "do nothing".  I told Daddy that and he laughed and said it's true.  Later as we were having a pretend picnic with Aunt A Princess V started blowing a whistle at us.  She would stick one finger in her mouth and make this whistle like sound.  Aunt A and I weren't listening and we needed to.  Oh it was fun!

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  1. So, 'boy people' don't do anything. I'll bet her Daddy loved that one! Where kids come up with these ideas I'll never know, but they do.

    You are such a wonderful Mother, Queen A. I am so happy King M found you.