Sunday, June 5, 2011

R is for Reading

This last week we focused on the letter R and it's sound.
On Tuesday, we talked about running and races. We were at Nana and Opah's so we ran some races in and around their house.  Princess R learned a new word during it "Go!" She'd yell "Ga" and take off around the house.  It was pretty cute.
The rest of the week we talked about reading books.  Books are such an important part of our learning experience.  We took a trip to the library on Thursday and I let Princess V and Princess C pick out a book.
Princess V got 
In her words, "I love Santa Claus!"
Princess C got some of my favorite books
Mr. Clever (Mr. Men and Little Miss)Mr. Dizzy (Mr. Men and Little Miss)Mr. Perfect (Mr. Men and Little Miss 3D)
Before we left the library we stopped by their movie collection and found 
The Rainbow Fish and Dazzle the Dinosaur
Princess V was so excited because "Miss Cheryl has that book!" Since she was familiar with the book The Rainbow Fish, I thought the movie would be perfect to go along with our Letter R week.  We spent the rest of our week reading and watching The Rainbow Fish.  I decided to throw some art into it as well, and let the Princess' watercolor their own Rainbow Fish while they watched the movie.


  1. fun! My youngest loves to read halloween and christmas books all year long too! :)

    Would like to invite you to link up to the sunday showcase this & any other fun ideas you'd like to share


  2. Have you tried drawing with a white or yellow crayon then doing a water color wash over the top? It really looks cool to draw seaweed and sea grass then do a green and blue wash over the top. Then you can glue the rainbow fish into the scene!

  3. My kids love to read........ in fact they just asked me to read a Christmas book this evening! Great post.
    Thanks for sharing this idea at The Sunday Showcase!
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