Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Traveling

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This weeks topic is - Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

I feel well seasoned in this weeks topic.  I can't begin to count the many trips I've taken with toddlers, either by plane, or car.  When my Princess V was 2 and Princess C was 10 months we hopped a plane and headed to Japan. That was a long plane ride, not to mention that we had to switch planes twice, and one of them included driving to a whole different airport than where we landed, in a different county. Now that was crazy! 
Tips for Plane Travel
1. Only pack what you need. If you can buy it at your destination, wait. Pack as many diapers as you may need for the plane, and then buy more after you land. It will save you precious packing space!
2. Check the stroller at the gate. I wasn't aware we could do that, until a kindly airport worker asked me if I would like to. YES! You get to keep your child in the stroller, until getting ready to board. Then as soon as you walk out the plane door, it's right there waiting for you. No chasing a wiggly toddler through a crowded airport!
3. Don't worry about any of the other passengers. They are choosing to travel on public transportation, they need to expect that there will be kids. Obviously be respectful of them, but if your child is tired, and crying, give them the attention they need, and block out the rude passengers.
4. If you ever have the chance to fly Japan Air, do it! The attendants are so nice, and they give kids toys, that they get to keep! We still have ours somewhere, I think.

Tips for Car Travel  
1. If it's going to be a long car ride, try to do as much of it during the night, or nap time.  My personal preference is to leave somewhere around 12-3 in the morning. It allows the driver to get some sleep in, but the kids will go back to sleep pretty quick in the car.
2. If you have a portable dvd player, bring it. When we drove to California 2 years ago for King's cousins wedding, it was a lifesaver. I was pregnant with Princess R and reaching into the backseat constantly to soothe crying children was just not going to happen. 
3. Books on tape/cd.  This could be for you or toddler.  Either way it helps the time go by faster :)
4. Don't be in a hurry.  Little kids need to get energy out. Sitting in a car for 10 hours straight will just result in lots of tears.  Most rest stops have picnic tables, and a grassy area that kids can run around in. Stop for whatever meals you may be driving through, and let them out of the car to eat and play. 

Have Fun on all your summer vacations! We're headed by car to Yellowstone this summer.

Next weeks topic suggestion: Talking to your toddler about death (saw this in someones comment, and thought it was a great idea!)

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  1. You are so right about sitting in the car for 10 hours straight.

  2. Hi new follower form Toddler Talk Thursdays! Enjoyed your post, I didn't think of some of those tips for mine! You sure have the experience! That Japan trip would be CRAZY! :)

    Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend.