Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Reward Systems

Ok I know it's been awhile, but I'm back joining another Toddler Talk Thursday with Crazy About My Baybah, Family and Life in Las Vegas, and My Life As a Sippy Cup Mom.
This weeks topic is one I suggested-
 Do you use a reward system/charts with your toddler? How’s it working out?
If you recall I posted about our Daddy Daughter Date charts. We were trying to combat whining.  It worked ok, but well King Dad decided to try a different route, and we just haven't gotten into it yet.
We've made some Daddy Dollars, and each time the Princess' do something on their chore chart, they will receive a certain amount of Daddy Dollars. They can then use those Dollars to purchase items from the Mommy Market.
Here's the problem, we've printed the Daddy Dollars, but I have yet to create the Chore Chart or the Mommy Market.  I really should get started on this!  In fact I think I'll make it today!
Other than this newest idea, we've done potty charts, chore charts, and brushing teeth charts.  Getting some kind of recognition each time we do these has really excited the Princess' into doing what they need to. Unfortunately we have a hard time sticking to any of these ideas.
You can see a great example of the Daddy dollar idea my friend made over on her blog For the Love of Learning.

New topic idea: What do you do when your kids stop taking naps?



  1. I've never heard of daddy dollars and the mommy market and must say it is a really cute idea!! Can't wait to read how it works out for you later on =)

  2. I love your suggestion for next week - We will definitely file it away!!

  3. Grandpa and I will go shopping today and fill a little box with things from the 100 yen store. That will give you some things for you Mommy Market. I am so excited!!!!