Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Food Allergies

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This weeks topic is Food Allergies.

Princess C was intolerant to milk for awhile. When we first made the switch to Cow Milks at her 1st birthday she started having some pretty bad nights. Acid Reflux become a consistant thing when laying her down, and we always had to raise one end of her mattress. We finally took her off the cow's milk, and she got better. Following our dr's recommendation every month we offered her cows milk, and after about 3 months she could tolerate it again. Now I continue to only give her dairy in smaller doses, but now if she eats too much her only reaction is some constipation. She deals pretty well with that, so I'm no longer concerned about her.
Princess R also has an intolerance for dairy. Her's was a longer battle of figuring out. From birth on she was always constipated, it hurt me to watch her try and poop. Finally, I decided to just cut out dairy in her diet. I should've done it while breastfeeding, but I didn't. A day or two after I cut out dairy, she began sleeping through the night, and pooping with ease. It was like I had a whole new child on hand! We do periodically let her have some cheese, or sour cream. She absolutely loves those foods, especially since everyone else is putting them on their plates! But we still really have to limit it, or we have sleepless nights, and upset tummys.
Since I am the Princess' main caretaker, and we rarely leave them for more than just a few hours for date night, I don't  really have to worry about others feeding them too much dairy. I'm very thankful it's just an intolerance and not something so serious that could make them stop breathing.

When I go to party functions, where we bring food, I always try to make something without peanuts (as it is the most common food allergy). My nephew has an allergy to peanuts, so when we had a family gathering I did actually make a peanut butter bar cookie. But because I knew my nephew would be there, I added a little sign on a toothpick stating that they contained peanuts. His mom was very appreciative that I did that.  So when you can I suggest adding little signs that claim whether it has an allergen in it, or if it's free of allergens.
I have another friend who's daughter is allergic to fruits. Not all, but most of them. In her case, whenever I am watching her, I just give her mom a call when I'm not sure if she can have something or not. There is so much out there, like lemonade, that she can't have, that I never even thought about.

Future Topic - switching from crib to toddler bed.

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