Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snow Day

We had our first good snow of the season (it's been sprinkling here and there for a bit, but not sticking).  So what did we do? We played in it of course!

Princess R was a little unsure what to think about this cold white stuff.

Snow Angels were the first order of business.

Along with catching falling snow on tongues.

We then moved on to creating a snowman. The snow was perfect for snowman building!!


We were too tired to create a 3rd ball (actually it was created but someone took off with it, and couldn't remember where they left it....) So Princess V and C had fun piling more snow on top for a head, while Princess R and I tried to get a fire such luck.


  1. Thank you for sharing - how precious they look all bundled up. They were even able to make snow angels & a lil snowman - I am officially jealous :)

  2. This is what scares me about the possibility of moving to northern Utah.. Snow in November. Wait, no... snow PERIOD! It will maybe snow here and there in St. George, but it never lasts long. I'm just not used to snow at all and don't know how to plan for it, dress for it, or drive in it! Yikes!!

    I'm glad you all got to enjoy the snow!

  3. We love all the pictures! Thank you!